nóra békés


is a graphic designer, visual storyteller and researcher. she studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, from where she graduated in 2018. in her applied work she focuses on typography and editorial design complemented with a strong interest in type design. her autonomous work is based on archive research and the (re-)interpretation of the findings in a contemporary context. she studies visual tactics of multi-layered storytelling and the relationship of archiving, curating, staging and truth. her work is characterised by interdisciplinary approaches and experiments of combining graphic and spatial elements to create a narrative.
she participated in the following group exhibitions:
Chaumont Graphic Design Festival, Chaumont (2015) Human Rights Tulip award ceremony, The Hague (2016) Borderless States, Waag Society, Amsterdam (2016) Declaring Reason, Meermanno Museum, The Hague (2017) KABK Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague(2018). she has worked for independent artists and designers, commercial companies and non-commercial organisations, among which are the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Peace, Theater aan het Spui. currently based in Rotterdam, she works as an independent graphic designer and in collaboration with Ollala Design.
email: norabekes@gmail.com,
mobile: +31 623 485 691

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