nóra békés is a graphic healer


she designed bottles of syrup against the plague

De Pest

Saint Sebastian lived in the third century AD. He was captured by soldiers of the Roman emperor Diocletian, tied to a pole and shot with arrows poisined with plague. Miraculously, Sebastian recovered from his injuries. Therefore, from the Middle Ages on, he was considered to be a patron saint against the plague.

The exhibition De Pest (The Plague) in Museum Het Valkhof was inspired by a medieval wooden sculpture of Saint Sebastian, that was acquired by the museum in 2019. The exhibition created a narrative about our relation to infectious deseases from the Middle Ages till the present, through a combination of classical- and contemporary art and archeological objects. Through this, the show provided a space for reflection on the cultural phenomena arising in times of epidemics – extremely relevant in the days of yet another global pandemic.

comissioned by Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen
allround graphic design of the exhibition
made in 2021
photos by Flip Franssen

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