nóra békés is a miracle worker


she designed poetic blessing-cards

"Zegenformulier tegen de Pest"

The concept of the Zegenformulier (blessing form) originates from the catholic tradition. A Zegenformulier was a small, foldable print with images of saints, small pieces of text and additional objects or cut-outs of sarced symbols, as crosses and medallions. Believers would carry these prints as amulets that would provide protection against illnesses. These cards, displaying poetry connected to objects exhibited during the show De Pest (The Plague), are studying the form language of the Zegenformulier and translating it to a contemporary setting.

comissioned by Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen
printed by Knust Press, Nijmegen
poetry cards, A5, RISO-print
made in 2020

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