nóra békés likes to stroll


she designed an exhibition with a walking route

Het Binnenste Buitenland

Het Binnenste Buitenland (roughly translates to "The Innerst Foreign Land") was a one-wall presentation of Romantic landscape-paintings from the collection of Museum Het Valkhof. The special twist to the show was that the selected paintings were all made in hill landscape that surrounds the museum. By seeing the works next to each other we gain an insight into the history of the place as an important inspiration source of Dutch painters in the 19th century, and as a popular destination for nature-lovers then and now. The exhibition is accompanied by a walking route that starts at the museum door, and through which the walkers can experience the sights that inspired the paintings. The graphic design creates a direct link between the exhibition and the walking route, so the viewers can stroll through the narrative of the show and discover art during their walk outside.

comissioned by Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen
single-wall exhibition & route map
made in 2020

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