nóra békés is a co-fantasizer


she designed a twin-book on imagination


What is an image? What is imagination? Where does it come from? How is it formed? The project is a bilateral, poetic investigation of the questions above. From the one sides a series of essays and poems lead the reader through a free-floating contemplations about more and less conventional approaches to imagination, image and being. From the other side a collection of drawings form a visual narrative on the same topic. Both sides reflect on each other, yet they don’t become the illustration of each other. Texts and drawings are presented in two separate booklets, bound together in a silkscreened plastic wrap-around cover.

commissioned by Sophia Wester
illustrations & texts by Sophia Wester
concept, image editing, graphic design & production by Nóra Békés

digital print, silkscreen print, paper & plastic
made in 2018

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